Creating new imaging value.

Nikon Creates is a new subsidiary of Nikon Corporation dedicated to creating exciting new imaging value through evolving and diversifying its possibilities. To promote this vision, Nikon Creates is equipped with the latest imaging technologies, as well as pursuing never-before-seen imaging expressions through integrating their functions. Generating fresh ideas together with a new generation of creators, we will promote next-generation visual contents. Nikon Creates aims to transform the era and the world through imaging, by integrating “technology” with “sensibility”.


  • Integration of technology and sensibility
    Integrating the latest imaging technologies with creative sensibilities to move towards becoming a next-generation imaging production company.
  • Co-creating with next-generation creators
    We will actively co-create with the next generation of creators to deliver exciting new imaging value.
  • Base for imaging solutions
    Based in the Haneda, Tokyo area, we are committed to meeting imaging production needs from Japan and around the world.


  • Company Name
    Nikon Creates Corporation
  • Representative
    Representative Director, President Kazuhiro Hirano
  • Address
    BW3-7 3F, TRC Building B, 6-1-1 Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0006, Japan
  • Contact information
    Tel: +81-(0)3-6433-3940
  • Business Area
    Video and contents production (3D/2D imaging, XR contents, sizzle-shot videos, etc.)
    Providing the latest filming technologies (volumetric video, virtual production, motion control systems, high-speed cameras)


  • Address:
    6-1-1 Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Ryutsu Center Building B 3F(BW3-7)
  • By train

    One-minute walk from Tokyo Monorail Ryutsu Station.
    Please use the elevator in BW after going up the stairs as indicated on the map, instead of the elevator in the main entrance (BE) of Building B.
  • By car

    Enter through the South Gate, go straight between Building A and Building B, and turn right.
    Please go up to the 3rd floor from the vehicle entrance in the center of Building B.


+81. 3-6433-3940

Volumetric video was used for a PR movie for the World Aquatics Championship – Fukuoka 2023.

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